Bike Sensation is proposing you a bicycles tour to discover the oldest mountains from Romania

"And the mountains and waters, as humanity, have special age. Some are young, barely born with peaks towering the sky, with fresh valleys and dizzy deeps. There are like the man in full vigor, with steel muscles, with movements of deer, with smiling eyes, vivacious and full of hope. There are old mountains, the head of which, not centuries, but hundreds and thousands of centuries flowed torrents poured from the sky. They bend, although the creation of youth, towering oak stumps remaining. So, there are Macin Mountains in which youngness there were no people, no birds. They prevailed when the Carpathians foundation was not even kneaded"

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION Bucharest Airport, Romania

DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive by 12:00 for a prompt departure at 14:00.

RETURN TIME Approximately 19:30.

OUTFIT Bring comfortable cycling clothing, we take care of the rest.