Long tours

Long tours Bike Sensation are organized for group rides, involving accommodation, meals and daily bike rides, up to 50 km, in historical or agreement areas. The group are assisted by a support car for withdrawal in case of exhaustion, accident or bad weather. These tours are always at least two persons accompanying guides.

Banatul Montan

Bike Sensation Romania, One week in Romania, with us! 

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Danube in Boilers

What could be nicer than to see how Danube is cutting the mountains, opening a unique landscape in Romania. We propose a bike trip to admire the river at Drobeta Turnu Severin and up to Moldova Noua.
Boilers tourist area of the Danube stretches over a length of 50 km on the river, along the north shore of the Danube, between the Svinita, upstream and downstream Orsova, walking across Dubova, situated in the “Large Boilers” and Eselnita that Danube stretches from the exit of the “Small Boilers”, from the confluence with the Danube valley Mraconiei.

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Drumul Hotilor - Campina

Toamna este blândă, soarele încă ne încălzește și se pare că prognoza ne este favorabilă, nu avem precipitații, deci încă nu punem bicicletele la iernat. Vă propunem o tura frumoasă, ghidata de Dragoș (Aproape de Natura). Pădurea arată superb, vom asculta foșnetul frunzelor sub roți și povestea lui Dragoș despre această zonă.  

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Emen Canyon, Bulgaria

The Emen Canyon is a scenic location along the Negovanka River, in the foothills of The Central Balkan Range’s northern slope, 20 km from the city of Veliko Turnovo. The constantly flowing river has cut through the valley’s soft limestone to create many rapids, waterfalls, pools and recesses beneath cliffs that rise as high as 90 meters. The water fall Hotnitsa Kaya Bunar it’s a water drop of 30 meters, where we will have a nice bath!  

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God’s bridge

Bike Sensation will propose a bike trip in a picturesque area of Mehedinti.
Nature Reserve Ponoarele, located in the northern part of the county, at a distance of about 40 km from Motru and Targu - Jiu and 65 km from Herculane and Drobeta Turnu Severin.

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Kayaking and Bike on the Olt river

“Bike Sensation" & "Close to Nature" invite you in an adventure: bike and kayaking on river Olt.

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Macin, the Romanian Oldest

Bike Sensation is proposing you a bicycles tour to discover the oldest mountains from Romania.

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Yes, Even I CAN!

First type 1 diabetic making Romanian tour on bike - 3,000 km near the border

Turul României cât mai aproape

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