Macin, the Romanian Oldest

Bike Sensation is proposing you a bicycles tour to discover the oldest mountains from Romania.

"And the mountains and waters, as humanity, have special age. Some are young, barely born with peaks towering the sky, with fresh valleys and dizzy deeps. There are like the man in full vigor, with steel muscles, with movements of deer, with smiling eyes, vivacious and full of hope. There are old mountains, the head of which, not centuries, but hundreds and thousands of centuries flowed torrents poured from the sky. They bend, although the creation of youth, towering oak stumps remaining. So, there are Macin Mountains in which youngness there were no people, no birds. They prevailed when the Carpathians foundation was not even kneaded"
(Ion Simionescu - between the Danube and the Sea, 1939)

Total duration: 2 days
On your bike: 2 days
Accommodation: one night, 2-person tent
1 dinner, 2 breakfasts; 2 lunch on bike

300 km, from Bucharest auto / bike 55 km;
45 km bike + 300 km by car to Bucharest

Medium level
Elevation: 34 m / 415 m (lowest / highest point)
Type of land - 10% asphalt / off road 90%

Group size: 6-20 people
Location start / finish - Macin, Tulcea
Start time: 12 am, Day 1
Finally hours: 20 hours, Day 2
The recommended starting Bucharest: 7:00.

Recommended Equipment, spring and summer:
Touring backpack
Thermos or bottle for liquids (water or tea)
Headlight and rear signaling lights
A polyester shirt, plus one exchange
Polar thin and windproof
Gore-Tex jacket or something similar, resistant to wind and rain
Cycling pants or trousers spring-summer
Cycling gloves
Cap, hat thin and buff
Socks instead.

Day 1 – Iacobdeal Lake
In the granite quarry from the hill Iacobdeal (Turcoaia village) you'll find a unique lake in the Romania. Locals call it simply - "The Fountain" and use it especially when they come with their cattle watering in the summer. Iacobdeal Lake is formed in a basin results from the operation of granite extraction when the excavation reached the level of an aquifer (in Romanian - ground water) with a rich flow. The lake is isolated from any river system, driven mainly by underground springs plus a small part of the water from rain and melting snow. 

Day 2 - "Macin Tales"
We leave Greci, in the Valley Racova park, climb the hill Cartalu way to the top, you detour left, continue to the summit and descend Calcutta Valley in the town of Greci Carabalu.
On the way we will discover how the trees are adapted at the climatic conditions of Dobrogea: little rainfall, high heat, low soil layer. And yet some trees fail and "prepare the ground" for others. You’ll see the blue Danube. Here you will find a special area within the park: Reserve Moroianu where there are highly diverse flora species, some very rare and very few flowers "came" from the distant Caucasus, Iran and Minor Asia! In Macin ancient rocks are hundreds of millions of years old, much older than the first dinosaurs on Earth.

2 days of riding through the oldest mountains in the country
Camping and dinner (at tents)
Visit a special lake, unique in Romania.

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Destination: Dobrogea

Category: Long tour


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