God’s bridge

Bike Sensation will propose a bike trip in a picturesque area of Mehedinti.
Nature Reserve Ponoarele, located in the northern part of the county, at a distance of about 40 km from Motru and Targu - Jiu and 65 km from Herculane and Drobeta Turnu Severin.

The uniqueness of this area is that the natural attractions here are considered natural monuments, unique even in Europe, offering enchanting natural scenery, with high potential. The most famous attraction in the entire reserve is the karst area Ponoarele, a hilly area where there are numerous geological formations, the most impressive is God's Bridge, also known as the “Bridge of the giants”. It is the unique natural bridge from Romania, which was formed by the collapse of a cave ceiling. In the close proximity, in one of sinkholes surrounding the bridge we will find the Ponoarele Cave, another natural attraction of this area, whose galleries covers a length exceeding 600 meters. The karst complex is unique in the entire European continent.
Also this fall and lakes the Great Zaton and the Small Zaton, temporary karst lakes, which gather large amounts of water in the spring season after snowmelt and high rainfall.
If the science tells us about the bridge collapse as a result of a cave ceiling, the legend are telling us a completely different version. In very old times, they say, here lived Hell. Even in Ponoarele Cave have their dwelling. Ravaged by evil that surrounds them, the villagers begged to the God to save them from it. The God hit with His hand the cave ceiling, collapsing it over her mouth, forming the bridge. However, the devil escaped, running on the other exit from the cave, one that leads to the Big Zaton Lake.
Other legends say that the bridge would have been built by God for Holy Nicodin to go to Tismana monastery after people chased from the village, where he wanted to build a monastery.
Others talk about the fact that it was built by the legendary Hercules or Iorgovan Iovan, who followed dragon fairy tale what abduct pride. 
In this area endowed by nature with many attractions is found the unique wild lilac forest, spread over an area of 20 hectares, at a distance of about 4 km from Baia de Arama and declared botanical reserve. This delightful forest turns into a real magnet for tourists in early May, when the flowers of lilac are colored in white and various shades of purple, completely change the appearance of the area, giving it a charming appearance. During this time held every year since 1965 Lilac Festival, dedicated to spring.

Day 1 Bucharest - Baia de Arama
Day 2 God's Bridge Gorges tour.
Day 3 bicycle tour Sohodolului keys

Tours cycling / ride
2 days of cycling through little-known keys
Visit an unusual bridge, a special caves and a lake.

Technical details
Total duration: 3 days
On the bike: 2 days
Accommodation: two nights in a tent, 2 people
Meals: 2 dinners, 2 breakfasts; 2 lunch on bike

300 km, by car from Bucharest
35 km bike
35 km on bike + 300 km car to Bucharest
Elevation: 300 m / 590 m
Type of land - 10% asphalt / off-road 90%
Group size: 8-20 people

Day 1 - Setting the camp
We arrive in the evening in Baia de Arama and prepared tent camp together. Follow dinner at the campfire and stories for the next day of cycling.

Day 2 - God's Bridge, Zaton lake & cave and Baluta keys

Day 3 - Tismana monastery and Sohodolului keys
After another night in the tent and a well-deserved breakfast, we are pedaling on a ride last lap, to Tismana Gorges.

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Destination: Carpatii Meridionali

Category: Long tour


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